Friday, March 27, 2009

why do i blog?

you may ask why does an adorable little dog decide to blog.
there are four of us in this house and i need to vent somewhere!

i came to live here with my mama and daddy about a year ago. i was rescued by a nice lady named gabby who brought me to spend the weekend at this house to see how it went. honestly, i looked kinda funny then! i had been covered with teas and flicks and had to almost be shaved to get them all off! my daddy liked me right away but my mama really wasn't sure. i could see it all over her face. but it didn't take long before my hair started to grow and my mama started falling in love with me. did i tell you already? i am really cute!

i told you about mama and daddy. i have two cats. they are both siamese tabbies, whatever that means! romeo has dark brown stripes and milo has pale stripes. i have a new baby sister, daisy. i don't know what she is except she's not a shih-tzu. she's a blonde so we'll see... i'll be nice to her today. she just got fixed. i know. you're thinking was she broken? i know! i wonder the same thing! but that's what mama and daddy said she was going to the vet for.

this is a lot for a little dog to do, so i'm gonna go nap now. bye!